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The Effect Of Temperature On Mobile Food Carts

864 Date: 2022-09-17 Tag: mobile food cart mobile food truck

With the increase of temperature in summer, the temperature of the mobile food cart at noon can reach about 60 degrees. Everyone mentioned the impact of temperature on the mobile food cart. Why does the battery life of the mobile food cart decrease in winter? Does the continuous high temperature affect the battery? Let’s answer it for you.

Generally speaking, if it is not an emergency, just continuous high temperature will have no effect on the battery of the mobile food cart. Mastering the relationship between battery capacity and temperature plays a crucial role in distinguishing the maintenance conclusion of the battery maintenance process. We can see that the capacity indicated on the battery is calculated according to the standard temperature (air temperature) of 25°C. When the temperature decreases by 1°C, the relative capacity decreases by about 0.8%. For example, when the air temperature or ambient temperature is 0°C, the 5A discharge of the repaired battery reaches 100 minutes. If the ambient temperature is not considered, the calculated capacity is about 8AH, but since the ambient temperature is 25°C lower than the standard temperature, the capacity of the battery itself It has dropped by about 20%. If this factor is added, the battery should reach the standard battery capacity of 10AH after calculation.

The reason why the battery temperature rises too high: 1. The communication voltage is too high, causing the charging current to be too large, causing the battery temperature to rise sharply;2 The lithium manganate battery is lowered, and the distilled water is not filled in place, so that the pole piece is exposed to the liquid level meter, and the battery temperature rises rapidly; 3 The communication weight current injected into the battery is unstable, causing heat.

The Effect Of Temperature On Mobile Food Carts