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2023 Jining City Veterans 'Order-based' Vocational Skills Training Job Interviews Successfully Held at China Coal Group

276 Date: 2023-10-08 Tag: China Coal News Interview

On October 8, the 2023 Jining City Veterans' Order-Based Vocational Skills Training Job Interview, organized by Jining City Bureau of Veterans' Affairs and undertaken by China Coal Group, was successfully held in China Coal Group Industrial Park. Lv Chenggang, member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of Jining City Bureau of Veterans Affairs, Ren Shukai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Jining Hi-Tech Zone Development Soft Environment Protection Bureau, Zhang Lingpeng, Head of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Section, and Zhang Tingting of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Section, were present at the interview, and Qiu Qing, Chairman of China Coal Group, Han Yong, Vice Chairman of Jining City Care for Ex-Servicemen Association and general manager of China Coal Group, Li Zhenbo, Vice President of Information Technology of China Coal Group, and General Manager of China Transportation Group, were also present at the interview. Group Executive Vice President, general manager of Manufacturing Corporation Shao Hua, deputy secretary of the Group's Party Committee Guan Chenghui and other leaders and a number of recruiting companies, nearly 100 veterans attended the interview.

At the launching ceremony of the interview, Mr. Han firstly expressed his sincere welcome to the leaders of Jining City Veterans Affairs Bureau, enterprise representatives and veterans, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the leaders of Jining City Veterans Affairs Bureau for their support to the development of China Coal Group over the years, and briefly introduced the positive contributions made by China Coal Group in the work of veterans' service and protection, which has set up platforms for veterans to improve their skills and develop their careers while fulfilling the good social responsibility of the enterprise, and provided high-quality employment opportunities for the veterans.

Lv Chenggang, Deputy Director of the Retired Soldiers Affairs Bureau of Jining City, pointed out that the vast number of retired soldiers in the city have made positive contributions to national defense and military construction. The whole society should vigorously promote the glorious tradition of supporting the military and giving preferential treatment to families, and work hard to do practical and good things for them with heart and emotion! I hope that companies that come to recruit will take on social responsibility, lower the threshold as much as possible, and try their best to attract them to employment with a superior environment and generous compensation. I hope that retired soldiers who come for interviews will cherish the opportunity, negotiate seriously, and find their desired job.

The interview will be divided into two interview venues, providing 30 employment positions for veterans, such as e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, excavator assembly, bailiffs, drivers, foreign trade specialists, etc. Nearly one hundred veterans entered the interview session through the pre-registration process, and the interview process strictly adhered to the requirements of the higher-level policies, and in the spirit of the commitment to the service of the overall situation and the Group's selection of talents, the six interviewers led by Mr. Han According to the standardized process and veterans one by one to carry out interviews, and for the personal situation of different interviewees to communicate, to achieve the two-way choice and select the best of the best high-quality assessment of the target, and ultimately more than a number of veterans on the spot to reach employment intentions.

After the interview, the ex-servicemen who came to interview visited China Coal Group's intelligent equipment product showroom, e-commerce company, intelligent equipment manufacturing digital workshop and engineering machinery workshop under the leadership of Mr. Li. They learned about the group's production and management concept, development situation, salary and treatment, and job development space. The Group's advanced production equipment, automated production lines and good cultural atmosphere left a deep impression on the veterans.

Over the years, China Coal Group has always not forgotten the mission of repaying the society, and as the vice-chairman unit of Jining City Caring for Veterans, the Group has participated in veterans' recruitment activities for many times and actively fulfilled its social responsibility. The Group firmly follows the relevant instructions of the state, province and city, and under the guidance and care of leaders at all levels, the Group gives full play to the enterprise's resettlement of veterans, and actively provides more employment opportunities and choices for veterans. At present, there are more than 50 veterans and military family members working in China Coal Group. In order to better serve veterans, China Coal Group's Jining Gongxin Business Vocational Training Institute, as a training organization for veterans' vocational skills training in Jining City, has been actively working with the Jining City Bureau of Veterans' Affairs to strengthen cooperation, and has jointly carried out the Jining City Veterans' "Employment Through-trainer Training" and the Jining City Veteran Vocational Skills Training to promote the city's veteran training. We have been actively cooperating with the Jining Veterans Affairs Bureau to strengthen cooperation, and have jointly carried out the "Employment Through Trainings" and "Vocational Skills Training for Veterans in Jining City", which have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship for veterans.

In the next step, China Coal Group will continue to build an employment platform, provide more and better quality employment positions for veterans, carry out various forms of vocational skills training, help more veterans master professional skills, and help veterans successfully realize employment and entrepreneurship.

2023 Jining City Veterans 'Order-based' Vocational Skills Training Job Interviews Successfully Held at China Coal Group