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Performance Inspection Of Mobile Food Cart

General Rules: All parts of a mobile food cart must be in the right place and properly assembled. Make sure all nuts, anchor bolts and screws are tightened.

Safety Signs And Information: Check to make sure all safety signs and information are on time.

Tires: Check the working pressure of the mobile food cart. Check daily for damage and pump properly.

Rechargeable battery: Check lithium manganate battery to make sure level gauge is proper. Check the mobile food cart battery wire should be compact and corrosion resistant.

Charger cables, sockets and power outlets: Check for gaps, loose connections and broken wires.

Brake pedal: Make sure the brake pedal is working properly. When the brake pedal is fully pressed, the mobile food cart should come to a steady stop.

Parking brake: When locked, the parking brake should lock the wheels and hold the mobile food cart still.

Reverse voice-control switch: When the mobile food cart forward/reverse power switch is placed in R "reverse" position, the reverse voice-control switch should send out a warning sound.

Performance Inspection Of Mobile Food Cart