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Mobile Food Cart Maintenance Method

Mobile food carts require regular breaks, which is also important for food trucks. Otherwise, the mobile food cart will affect the service life due to long-term fatigue like a human being, which will not only bring unnecessary trouble to the user, but also affect the economic loss. Therefore, mobile food carts should be properly rested and regularly maintained.

Mobile food cart maintenance method:

1. When the mobile food cart is stored, it is strictly forbidden for the product to be in a state of power shortage. It should be charged in time after use. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be charged once a month.

2. When using the mobile food cart, check the battery pack regularly, and contact the after-sales maintenance in time if there is any problem.

3. The mobile food cart should correctly grasp the charging time. The charging time should not be too long. Overcharging will cause the battery to heat up and shorten the battery life.

4. It is best not to expose the body of the mobile food cart to the sun, which will accelerate the aging of the plates.

5. Check the air pressure of the food truck tires every two weeks or at least a month.

6. Check whether the power of the mobile food cart is sufficient before each trip.

7. Check whether the braking performance of the mobile food cart is good.

8. Check whether the screws of each part of the mobile food cart are loose.

9. After each stop, you must turn off the power switch, pull out the key, then pull the gear switch plate to the neutral position and pull up the handbrake.

10. When repairing or replacing other electrical appliances such as batteries, the main power switch must be turned off before operation.

11. Check whether the door of the mobile food cart is closed before driving.

12. If a fire is caused by accident or other reasons, please turn off the main power switch immediately.

Mobile Food Cart Maintenance Method